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If you liked this tutorial, pleas check out my Facebook page for more of my work!


Larger Size avaliable on my Deviantart 

Just an addition: If you don’t have any beeswax around, a dryer sheet does the same job of stopping your thread from tangling so much! :) I have one stashed in my sewing box, you can use it over and over again!

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pictures i never posted from ai-kon! my gou selfie is the only picture of it i have since i haven’t seen any others crop up; i definitely need to wear her again so i can fix this 8(

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some video game characters!! again if you see yourself and want credit lemme know!!

i’m the rise here! my friend lennette is naoto and my friend branden is yosuke! thank you so much for the photo!

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CALLING THESE TWO also very cute 20/20 would gush over again

ahh i’m the rise! thank you so much for taking the picture, this turned out really well!! ♥

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first sleeve, completely from scratch!! i’m so excited and proud of it, even though it’s not perfect by any means. luckily the majority of the flaws are hidden by the vest (i don’t think it’d look very good if i was wearing the shirt on its own) but ahhhhhh this is coming together really well i’m super excited!

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wip compilation for the first finished drill. if anyone is gonna try this themselves and wants clarification on how i did something, feel free to message me. i also have a few more pictures that i left out for the sake of fitting it in one photoset.

materials and tools list under the cut.

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