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some video game characters!! again if you see yourself and want credit lemme know!!

i’m the rise here! my friend lennette is naoto and my friend branden is yosuke! thank you so much for the photo!

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CALLING THESE TWO also very cute 20/20 would gush over again

ahh i’m the rise! thank you so much for taking the picture, this turned out really well!! ♥

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first sleeve, completely from scratch!! i’m so excited and proud of it, even though it’s not perfect by any means. luckily the majority of the flaws are hidden by the vest (i don’t think it’d look very good if i was wearing the shirt on its own) but ahhhhhh this is coming together really well i’m super excited!

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wip compilation for the first finished drill. if anyone is gonna try this themselves and wants clarification on how i did something, feel free to message me. i also have a few more pictures that i left out for the sake of fitting it in one photoset.

materials and tools list under the cut.

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This tutorial has been done to death, but I had all these photos of the process so I figured I’d share.

Freezer paper stencils:

Freezer paper is plastic coated on one side so when ironed on to fabric it sticks and later peels off without any residue (unless you heat it too much I guess). It’s great for painting where you won’t be using a lot of water/runny paint - water will lift the paper off your fabric and screw things up. It’s best used with dry brushing.

Now, to avoid making this long post any longer, I have captioned the images with the steps to this process.

I used acrylic paints with fabric medium in case anyone was wondering.

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Highlights from the Kuroko shoot at Anime North. If you see yourself message me and I’ll link you.
Momoi Satsuki is me!
All photo credit to Bahamut Night Photography
Visit his page to see the entire album!!

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You take a cute and happy Elizabeth and piss her off, the result is the latter. : 3 I am dead Minato next to Naoto!